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Indian Food

The richness of our food implicates the history of India. We have all our meals with accompaniments and the accompaniments varies from region to region. The spices used in Indian food also varies with availability, temperature and weather of a particular region. For example, Kashmir being the coldest region, has lots of khada masala and saffron to it, whereas, in our coastal region, lots of coconut is used.

Our North Eastern food on one end, again because of cold temperature, has lots of chillies in their flavours, whereas, Gujarat on other end, has food which is soft mild and little sweet.

Irrespective of the style of cooking in all across India, Grossly, Indian food depicts how rich we were in 16th and 17th century. Our meals, would certainly comprise of vegetables, Non veg (optional), staple diet like rice/ Roti with Lentil, at least one salad, Achaar, Papad and chutney.


Chettinard from coastal Indian belt is a very typical preparation. Rice batter dominates in maximum of the dish. Gun Powder, Peanuts, coconut milk adds fling to the tongue. Staple Diet is much to do with Rice and rice batter. Appam with Stew is a great example of coastal food.

Kashmiri Food

The topography of Kashmir clearly implicates the use of Khada Spice and Saffron to keep their body warm. The gravy is always very rich with cashew paste, brown onion paste. Nadru Yakhni, is just one dish to name.

Punjabi Food

It is the most flamboyant food of India. Just a century and a half ago, every village in undivided Punjab had a community Tandoor, where all the villagers used to come and cook their breads together. That was the time when all the women used to discuss their recipes and kept on upgrading the same. Today few dishes of Punjab like Daal makhni, Butter Chicken and few more are world famous.


Due to lack of water and fresh vegetables, our Rajasthani food has many dishes which use many grains and flour of grains in their food. Their food is well dominated by crushed red chillies. Gatta Curry is perfect example of dish made out of grain flour.


Nawabi food, as it is called, is made with almost boneless and or minced meat and vegetable products. The spices used is always grounded ones. The taste is very mellow, soft and aromatic. It is mostly cooked in slow flame. Kakori and Nihari are few dishes to name.


Unlike the nawabi food, the Hyderabadi food has lots of Khada Masala. The spices used are very sharp and stand out even when the dish is served. Usually the non-vegetarian dishes cooked in this part of India is with bone. Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani is known in all the part of the world.


Food of this particular region of India is very much influenced with Portugal style of cooking. A lot of fresh coconut and a dash of vinegar is used in cooking. Dishes like Vindaloo and Sorpotel is a delicacy of this region.