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Caterers for Pre Wedding Functions

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Events are memories of life. Important dates and days needs to be celebrated with glitter and pomp. We as a team SOL become a part of your celebration, to make it hassle free. Important suggestion, if missed by the host, is carefully pointed out and rectified by the team SOL. Jobs of allied trade, like dťcor, DJ, valet, florist etc. is also referred by us, if asked for.

Be it pre wedding, post wedding, important dated like anniversary, birthdays and social gatherings or corporate functions, we do it all.

Caterers for Corporate Functions

Pre - Wedding Functions

It comprises of few functions like mata ki chauki, cocktail and mehendi. The mata ki chauki menu comprises of no onion and no garlic menu. As soon as, the chauki gets over, almost all the guests come for dinner together. In order to beat the rush, incorporation of chaat is must.

Cocktail functions is usually something which everyone wants to remember. This function usually starts late and ends late. The menu is appetizer heavy. The main course is usually a combo food. Beverages and appetizers are the limelight of the evening.

Mehendi usually is a colourful lunch affair. Street side food from all across the world is the norm of this function. In the main course, light food from all across the globe is what people prefer.

Caterers for Corporate Functions

Wedding Function

It is the most important function in anybodyís life. We as a team SOL, plan things well in advance to perfection so that nothing goes wrong in this event. Planning of what should be served at the barat assembly point, to pre function area, appetizers, main course, desserts. Special attaention is paid for the menu selection and service of sajjan got. It is served in brassware, with best possible service team. During pherras, when everyone is tired, arrangement of tea and coffee with tit bits is also taken care of. Menu served in this occasion, is usually Indian based. However, few more cuisines are also served.

Caterers for Corporate Functions

Important Dates

Anniversaries are usually a smaller gathering except for silver and golden jubilee. The menus in this kind of gathering is usually theme based, and the menu is also loosely circled around the theme. The appetizers and the beverage are the star attraction. The main course is usually small, but all the dishes are to be vouched for.

Caterers for Pre Wedding Functions


It can be classified into three, kids, adolescent and adult birthdays. The menus vary in all the three. In the case of a kids buffet, dishes are kids centric and a very small separate adult buffet is made. The kids buffet would probably comprise of tortoise burgers, chocolate hedge hogs etc. The buffet is placed in smaller heights for all the kidís easy access. These functions are done as evening hi-tea.

Adolescent buffet would probably comprise of food like wraps from all around the world. A small section of "junk food" is also asked for. Many of these events are done in the evening as hi-tea on the pool.

Adult birthday is very close to a social family gathering. The kids, adolescents and adults make their own groups. Needless to say that the menu has to be made to suit the taste of all the three brackets.

Caterers for Pre Wedding Functions

Social Gatherings

Usually a high profile party which starts late and ends late, as it happens of weekends. The menu is non-Indian centric with just a touch of Indian food. The service in these parties are mostly butler based, to take care of each individuals.

Caterers for Corporate Functions

Corporate Functions

Be it a seminar, conference, gala evening or their annual day, it is always a pleasure to serve. The menu is usually restricted in size, but it very time bound. One has to be very punctual in serving food.