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The style of cooking in China is so very distinctive that it stands out. Mostly the food is cooked in a blast flame. It is probably the fasted cooking time cuisine. We serve food from Sechwaan, canton and hakka.


The cooking method is very mellow. Soft tasting ingredients are used to dish out food in this part of the world. A touch of coconut cream, five spice powder is used in almost all the dishes. Thai Red curry is known world over.


Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavour. It is divided in java food and Sumatra food. Rice is a staple diet all across Indonesia. Nasi gorang is widely accepted dish from this region.


A combination of food from various countries of Europe. We have taken the best out of the food bouquet of this region. Food like, Roasted and carved leg of lamb, Roasted corn fed chicken.


Food in which at least two concepts of cooking is used. It is the most in thing now a days. Like Tandoori dim sum


Lots of fresh tomatoes, corns in various forms is the norm of part of the world. This food is very apt for Indian pallet. Quesadillas is known world over.

Tex- Mex

The texican version of Mexican food is called Tex- Mex. This adaptation is more accepted in America and other parts of the world. In Tex- Mex food, the striking ingerdiants are made mellow and served. The original recipe is modified, but just a little. Chimichanga, a wrap is widely accepted.