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Wedding Catering Services in Delhi

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Catering is just what we do ourselves. Rest we get it done for you. With our experience and relationship will allied job doers, one and all will come to your doorstep to construct the rest of the job to make your event hassle free. Professionals, as we are, so are our allied partners.

Be it a small function to a larger gathering, to a sit down dinner to 7 course state banquet, we have done it all.

Each menu is tailor made to suit the occasion. We also consider the geography of the guests who are coming while we make the menu. The same is dictated down to the kitchen team under the skilful supervision of our master chef.

The uniform is also chosen as per the theme and colour of the function, which is coordinated well before hand with the allied partners.

To garnish the event, we take our on the house musician to play for a smaller functions and during special dinners like sajjan got for bigger functions. We as a team SOL, if are there to celebrate your birthday, the birthday cake becomes so important, that our team sings and dances while the musician plays at the time we are placing the cake for you.

To sum it up, SOL is here to offer a great and memorable event, professionally coordinated, seamlessly serviced and craft fully dished. JOY is what we offer.