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Why Us?

Passion, perseverance, persistent is the key mantra for the team SOL to create the event of your dream. Chef will take that extra step to beautify the delicacies, which he has dished out from around the world cuisines. Service team would ensure that he competes well with the chef to enhance the aura of the buffet. The end result is a spectacular event, which imbibes in your SOUL.

To be as fluidic that we gel with each and every needs and demands, in order to create the best possible event which freezes in your memory for life. This is SPICE OF LIFE.

Be it catering for any reason, pre- wedding, wedding, post wedding, religious gathering, important family dates like anniversary, birthdays, we do it all. The menus are always tailor made, even it is for casual gathering.

The menu is always tailor made after consultation with the clients. It is always based on the needs and demands of the client. We consider the region from majority of the guest are coming for the function before we make the menu.

Team SOL comprises of professional who are master of their own trade. With relevant experience of food and beverage, the team SOL has a proven track record of best services. We do functions for 50 to 5000 pax.

SOL Values

"aththi devo bhavah" is truly infused in our service team. The blend of modern equipment, with traditional culture makes SOL stand out. Come, let's make your happy moments, frozen in your memory, for life.